Instituto Internacional de Cirugía Ortopédica del Pie
Address: Modesto Lafuente 59, Madrid, Spain
Tel:+34  91 535 7891

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In all honesty, at the beginning I was afraid. Now, I’m really happy to have trusted in the experience and professionalism of the IICOP specialists.

María Sánchez, 42 years of age, Madrid

I feel so much more comfortable and I go to the swimming pool and beach at ease. My feet have always been a real problem for me.   

Eduardo Pérez, 34 years of age, Seville



Leg mal alignment correction
There are many people who have their legs misaligned or curved inward or bow legs and sometimes curved outward or genu valgus. This, in young people, may be significant because  it aesthetically spoils that figure. Over time the non-balanced distributed body weight can cause osteoarthritis, with pain and deformity in the leg and foot. These anomalies have an easy solution, by surgical intervention.

There are two types of varus (bow legs) deformity of the tibia, a proximal or near the knee deformation and one in the distal tibia, in each case there is a type of treatment.

In both cases the procedure involves making a cut in the tibia through a small incision in the skin, then align the bone and the correction is secured with a small titanium plate and screws. After 2.5 to 3 months, the patient can walk normally and forget about  the crooked legs.

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