Instituto Internacional de Cirugía Ortopédica del Pie
Address: Modesto Lafuente 59, Madrid, Spain
Tel:+34  91 535 7891

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In all honesty, at the beginning I was afraid. Now, I’m really happy to have trusted in the experience and professionalism of the IICOP specialists.

María Sánchez, 42 years of age, Madrid

I feel so much more comfortable and I go to the swimming pool and beach at ease. My feet have always been a real problem for me.   

Eduardo Pérez, 34 years of age, Seville



Toe separation

Patients born with one or more toes which are joined together is a condition called Syndactyly, commonly known as webbed toes. In our surgery we have treated many of these cases in both adults as well as in children.

The appearance of these toes causes embarrassment to sufferers and usually they will not show their feet in public. However, sufferers generally do not have foot functionality impairment.
Surgical treatment to separate the joined toes is done by “z” shaped incisions, which allow for the complete closure of the skin. It requires a very precise technique in order to completely cover the toes which face each other. The flap of skin used is from a graft taken from underneath the foot. The scar remaining after separating the toes is minimal.

Post surgery requires being off the operated foot for a short period. The toes swell slightly but this disappears after a few weeks.

After toe separation, the foot looks normal and patients can walk barefoot or wear sandals.



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